The novel concept of the PEPE brand of ecologically clean and yet modern and luxurious heaters came up as a result of a joint research carried out by a group of internationally renowned engineers and designers. The ultimate product of their long-lasting collaborative effort is a totally reliable, innovative heating system, based on the natural phenomenon of the sun warming up the surface of the earth. Heater designers applied the idea of heat accumulation and storage, which one can easily come across in the natural world. It is mainly because of this application that the PEPE heaters are close to perfection and as reliable as the sun itself. The completely unique PEPE heaters can be found in four different collections: there are glassy LightReflection heaters, mirror-like TotalReflection heaters, stony WarmTouch heaters and shiny onyx PureTouch heaters. So please, feel kindly invited into the unique world of fabulous PEPE heaters.