Living a healthier life

The infrared type of radiation produced by PEPE heaters has some undeniable advantages contributing to a truly healthy lifestyle. When the infrared radiation reaches a human body, some health-enhancing heat is being produced, which not only warms the body up but also stimulates blood circulation. This, in turn, causes that the heat penetrates deeper into the skin. For the elderly suffering with rheumatism, susceptible to draughts and humidity differences, stable heating conditions related to infrared radiation are beneficial to health and may lead to pain alleviation. Also persons with breathing difficulties, for instance with asthma, as well as contact lenses users, will find it more comfortable to live in the interiors heated by infrared radiators. Such interiors turn out to be dust-free as there is no forced convection of heat. Moreover, an infrared radiator does not produce any humming sounds and its radiation level is significantly lower than that of a computer screen.

Anti-allergic heaters.

When compared to traditional central heating systems, PEPE heaters prove to be more health- enhancing as they do not use the air as a heat carrier. Traditional central heating systems use the air as a heat carrier, which is why there is a constant circulatory movement of dust particles altogether with germs and bacteria. These, in turn, are the main cause of recurring allergies and infections within our respiratory systems. For this very reason many experts in the field are recommending PEPE heaters.

Silent use

Infrared radiators do not produce any humming sounds, in fact they are perfectly silent while in operation. This is why they are considered to be a perfect kind of equipment for offices, flats and houses, and for the bedrooms in particular.

No service required

Another undeniable advantage of PEPE heaters is a complete lack of servicing and maintenance costs, which only apply to traditional convector systems. The price we pay for the stove utilization, chimney draught maintenance, gas/oil storage and fuel tank cleaning do not apply here. Moreover, PEPE heaters do not require any servicing over a period of time. We owe it to the long-lasting life of the material PEPE heaters have been made of.

Ecological heaters

Further reduction of heating costs can be obtained due to the application of renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power. PEPE heaters can become even more cost-effective when electricity-generating facilities such as solar batteries and wind turbines are successfully applied here, thus lowering the heating costs by up to 80%.

Install and operate immediately after

The only cost a potential customer faces when purchasing a PEPE radiator is the cost of the radiator itself. However, while having a traditional central heating installed, one needs to purchase other indispensable ingredients of the system, such as a gas/oil stove, a gas/oil tank, house connection, chimney draught, a ventilation duct, pipework, insulation, a fire door etc. What is more, putting in a single PEPE heater takes less that 30 minutes, and having a whole 150m2 house provided with a suitable number of radiators takes just a couple of hours. The subsequent move is making the necessary electrical connections and their wireless synchronization with the thermostat. Thus, PEPE heaters and a wire-less connection to the thermostat (RT system) is everything you need to control the temperature inside your house. And so, the obvious advantage of PEPE heaters is their immediate application. On switching on the system, a velvet warmth will wrap you up in a matter of a few seconds.

Economical approach

Total energy consumption by PEPE heaters is considerably lower when compared to other widely used heating systems. Firstly, PEPE heaters are 100 per cent-effective in converting electrical energy into radiation. Secondly, there are no heat losses, which often occur when badly insulated pipework is used in traditional central heating systems. Furthermore, there are no heat losses due to the heat absorption by walls and window panes. Thus, the required interior temperature can be 1-3 degrees Celsius lower when PEPE heaters are in use, while it must be by 3degrees Celsius higher with traditional convector systems.